• Pandemic COVID 19 has forced people around the world to stop any activities relating to direct meeting with others including business conference, training and others for almost the last 3 years.
  • The 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum in 2022 is a comeback offline event after the pandemic since last year it was conducted virtually by Zoom. It is one of serial events annually designed to educate, develop, update, share and inspire today’s industry professionals about people, business and updated issues which can help to determine a strategic planning in organization related with people and business.
  • The previous events were always successfully conducted with more than 150 participants average from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, and have performed almost 50 experts from reputable companies in 10 Asia Pacific countries. They were HR Directors, Consultants and Practitioners who had delivered innovative HR solutions and people approach as well as best practices through case studies and interactive sessions to an audience of fellow HR professionals
  • The 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum theme is “Surviving HR Organization: Strategy & Implementation in the Future Workplace”

Event Proposition

The event is partnered by senior HR practitioners from world class companies in Asia Pacific region together with a panel of leading business practitioners and the world’s acknowledged experts in the field of sustainable business which have been experienced to win global competition. Intipesan Conference is the leading Event management in Indonesia which has successfully conducted various HR events such as: Indonesia HR Expo, Asia HR Digital, Indonesia T&D Summit, etc.

Usually conducted with different concepts in relaxed and informal situation, the 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum is expectedly attended by 250 - 300 participants from various industries in Asia Pacific countries. The 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum sets out not only to give inspiration for professional to enhance best performance in their organization but also how to achieve ‘dreaming goals’ to become world class organization. Attending this event will give you the opportunity to get interacted with HR professionals from various countries, as well as present you with a unique chance to express your ideas, knowledge and experiences in HR fields.

We look forward to meeting you at The 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum and engaging with you in a productive discussion that will add measurable values to your business.

Target of Participants:

The 6th Asia Pacific HR Forum is designed to attract and benefit:
  • HR Directors and HR Practitioners, Business Leaders from Asia – Pacific countries such as: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Philippines, Burma, Laos, Myanmar, China, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia as well.
  • Including Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, General Managers, Managers, Team Leaders, Advisors, Specialist from Asia – Pacific Companies.