Shifts in the economy, globalization, competition, and technology have created new demands for companies and encouraged HR managers to be more agile in creating new policies for managing employees in the future. This challenge also creates many opportunities for HR and organizations to carry out various innovations in HR management.

It seems that the hybrid work system that has already become a company decision needs to be reviewed again when business competition requires cohesion between teams, work motivation, and effective employee performance management. Apart from that, a smart HR strategy is needed to face increasingly complex and dynamic business challenges in the future.

Based on the situation above, it seems that the role of the CHRO will undergo a significant transformation. How will the operating model in HR management be implemented in an increasingly competitive business situation? How can CHROs from various business fields transform and accelerate HR capabilities in hard and soft skills?

This forum will discuss the questions above by featuring HR leaders with global competence in HR management.

Event Proposition

The event is partnered by senior HR practitioners from world class companies in Asia Pacific region together with a panel of leading business practitioners and the world’s acknowledged experts in the field of sustainable business which have been experienced to win global competition. Intipesan Conference is the leading Event management in Indonesia which has successfully conducted various annual HR events such as: Indonesia HR Expo, HR Director Summit, Indonesia T&D Summit, Reward Summit, etc. 

Usually conducted with different concepts in relaxed and informal situation, the 7th Asia Pacific HR Forum is expectedly attended by 250 - 300 participants from various industries in Asia Pacific countries, like mining, manufacture, construction, banking, insurance, transportation, start up, and so on. The 7th Asia Pacific HR Forum sets out not only to give inspiration for professional to enhance best performance in their organization but also how to achieve ‘dreaming goals’ to become world class organization.